Are you lost?

Don’t worry, you are landed in a safe place where someone is exploring what’s really important in her life until her time is up.

You will discover different insights than yours… or find similarities. You might also disagree with me on things I wrote here. Write a comment, or send me a message, up to you. I am okay with you reading in silence too.

We will be very lucky if we ever get to know each other in person. Nothing more beautiful and amusing than a deep conversation shared between strangers. Don’t you think? And before we get to that, please enjoy my insights, life stories… fiction, non-fiction, who knows?

Or perhaps recipes or my personal pictures when I am feeling generous enough.

I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a devoted friend, a great lover, a mother, a businesswoman, a foodie, a builder, an aesthetic worshipper, a marketing enthusiast, a person who appreciates the finest things in life, especially decent humans.